HOW TO: Change iCloud Email Address


Authors note: I’ve been hearing mixed results on this – some people are saying it works, yet others like me have done it fine.

One of the downfalls of iCloud is it does not appear to let you change your email address that it is under. As you can see, if you go to Settings > iCloud > Account, it does not let you change your email. However, I’ve found a quick workaround. As I stated above I’ve been getting mixed results on it working.

Here’s what I did. This was done about two hours after setting up iOS 5 on my 4th generation iPod Touch.

  • I switched all my iCloud backup stuff to “off” (contacts, calendars, reminders, all my other apps, etc)
  • After that I hit the big red “delete account” button at the bottom of the iCloud settings. It’ll warn you. Hit delete again, and it will do so. You’ll then be logged out of iCloud on the device. Simply go to the iCloud account login/setup section, and it will then let you put a new Apple ID in the box.

31 thoughts on “HOW TO: Change iCloud Email Address

  1. Thank you, it worked! Was annoying as i managed to change my iTunes details (finally) but it didn’t change iCloud so I was stuck. Many thanks

  2. This just changes the apple I’d associated with the cloud account.

    If you drill down and look, the email address is still the old one.

  3. PLEASE identify process- do I click OFF all icloud options- mail,contacts,calendars,reminders,bookmarks,notes, photo stream, documents, find my ipad … or just go to backup and click OFF for icloud backup…

    I am forced into an old Apple ID on my ipad – but on my MAC I get into iTunes with my new ID – frustrating with Apple – no way to recover IS and password- just create new ones- and I want to use my old password but Apple can’t seem to do what PCs do – allow you to recover passwords. Deal with Apple is sometimes like dealing with IRS !

  4. Helpfull hint:

    BEFORE you delete your icloud account:

    Switch to local backup from icloud backup and do a backup.

    If you delete your icloud account and you’ve been backing up to icloud you will loose all your backups — never good!

  5. Note: you are just changing the email address ASSOCIATED with iCloud, NOT the actual iCloud email address.

    This you can not change. It really does not matter what you have for the account address, only your @me email will be in the cloud.

    So…if you want true cloud experience, you must migrate to this email address.

  6. If only I had found this thread 3 hours ago! It works a dream, thanks so much. As I type, my iPod is connected to the Cloud and backing up. Woo Hoo!

  7. If I turn all my things off on iCloud it will tell me when I’m about to turn off my documents and stuff that it will be deleted from my iPod. what do I do?

  8. My mum shares the same icloud as me so if i delete the account off my iPod will it delete it off her iPhone 4s as well ???
    Because I have a different apple account so it’s better to keep us all separated

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