The New Droplr Look – 2.0


If you’ve heard of CloudApp or TinyGrab, you might’ve heard of a similar program, Droplr. It’s a simple program that lets you upload screenshots with the hit of a button, as well as any filetype – mp3, txt…whatever floats your boat basically.

While it has not yet officially launched (DNS issues) a quick URL trick will show you the new Droplr website. I figured I would show you what it all looks like ahead of time.

The first thing is Droplr is ditching Twitter for authentication – instead it’ll be done via their own website. If you were using Droplr beforehand with Twitter you will need to migrate your account – it’ll take only a few seconds, no matter how many files you have uploaded. If you’re new to Droplr and never used Twitter to authenticate your account you will not need this step.

The files page isn’t too different – it still showcases everything you’ve uploaded, you can delete items, etc. However, it’s now full screen, it shows how much you’ve uploaded and how much space it takes up, etc. You can also upload directly from the website itself.

Before Droplr was Mac only, unless you used Windroplr, an alternate program. That’s all changing today with Droplr 2.0. Windroplr is not a part of Droplr in its own app. While the app cannot be downloaded from their website at this time (access denied), it’s definitely coming. An iPhone app is also coming soon.

The new Droplr also features free anonymous no account needed uploading. The filesize is still 50MB, however any files uploaded without an account are deleted seven days after upload.

Finally, the biggest change in the all new Droplr is they now feature both a free and paid version. Before Droplr was completely free – if you wanted a custom domain, all you needed to do was purchase the domain, point it towards their servers, and that was it. Things are a little different. Rather than put it in my own words, here is what Droplr said:

At some point after the release of Droplr 2, we hope to be adding a second account option that customers can pay for. We’ve long had people asking us for a way to pay us to add more storage to their account and remove advertisements. We’re excited to make that happen as soon as possible.

The “Custom Domain” feature is a feature that’s used by a very small percentage of Droplr users. We’ve decided with Droplr 2 that the custom domain feature will no longer be part of the free account but rather be part of the paid package we’ll offer.

However, for those people already using the custom domain feature, we didn’t want to take anything away from you. So, if you’re currently using a custom domain with Droplr 1, your setting will remain intact with Droplr 2. However, you will lose the ability to edit this domain. Once you migrate to Droplr 2, you’ll be stuck with that domain. If you’d like to delete the custom domain and go back to using links, you can ask us to do it manually for you here at our support site.

On a related note, we are aware of a bug where the “Root Redirect” feature isn’t currently working. We should have this fixed for the Droplr 2 release. Please just make sure your setting is saved and we’ll make it start working again when we release Droplr 2.

So to summarize:

  • If you are currently a Droplr 1 user that has a custom domain and want to keep it for Droplr 2 – do nothing.
  • If you are currently a Droplr 1 user that does not use custom domain but you’d like to, please set it up this now.
  • If you are a Droplr 1 user that has a custom domain but would like to stop using it – please delete it now, otherwise you’ll have to ask us to manually do it after Droplr 2 release.
  • Once a person upgrades their Droplr 2 account, using a custom domain will be an offered feature and you’ll be able to edit/delete it on your own.

We’ll have more information on the Droplr 2 release & paid accounts in the near future.

That sums everything up about what’s new in Droplr! Are you going to give it a try?

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