How To See If Someone Is Following You On Twitter


Up until now, the only way I knew to see if someone was following me or not on Twitter was to open up Tweetbot on my iPod, go to the person’s profile, and on there it’d say whether or not they follow me. It turns out you can actually find out very quickly from Twitter’s website. The only thing you need to go is to their profile. On the right side of the screen under “Similar to @username” there’s a section that lists some of the people they’re following, with a link to view them all. If that person is following you, no matter what your Twitter avatar will appear as the first result, no matter when they followed you. If they aren’t, your avatar will not show up at all.

Let’s try it on another profile of someone that’s following me – hey look, it’s me again!

Or, the easiest way, is to just see if a message icon pops up. If it’s there, then they’re following you.

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