The New “#NewTwitter”?


It looks like Twitter is at it again, redesigning their whole web and app interface. If you take a look at you’ll see this teaser video:

By the looks of it, Twitter is trying to focus more on the whole “connect and discover with other people” scheme and trying to make the whole UI look nicer and cleaner. They more or less switched the current right sidebar to the left and put your timeline on the right. Feel free to visit the link above for the full description and let me know your thoughts on it. What do you think of it? I sure to God hope nobody complains about it like they did with the whole #NewTwitter thing – “Oh god it sucks, I’m quitting!” (and 1 hour later they tweet again)

As said by @tapbot_paul – “Looks like there’s a new new new new new new new Twitter.”


6 thoughts on “The New “#NewTwitter”?

  1. I like this new layout. It is very clean, and I like how they integrate the Mentions, Favorites and re-tweets into one page.

    I also like how you don’t have to go to a completely new page to view linked pictures.

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