Killed By Technology


Some of you have probably recalled watching the socialnomics video at some point, giving tons of stats about social media and whatnot. Here’s a rather interesting video somewhat similar to it. It’s called “Killed By Tech” and lists many things technology has more or less replaced. Some of the things mentioned it include privacy and proper spelling – something I agree on 100%. You can watch the full video below. Afterwards, be sure to let me know what you think it’ll replace in the next 20 years! I’d embed the video below, but it has restricted playback on websites.

If you’re interested in watching the video, click here.

2 thoughts on “Killed By Technology

  1. I watched your video and was not a awed as I has hoped.

    Some of the items that should be called “slowly being replaced”
    1 – The answering machine
    2 – Checks (I use them for certain things that are not internet friendly, Boy Scouts, for instance)
    3 – Video Stores, more like DVD Stores now
    4 – My wife still surf the channels

    I don’t understand how you think technology has changed indoor smoking. That is strictly political law under pressure (I do not smoke)

    I like the privacy shot. That is true. You have to be a ludite to not show up online now a days in a search.

    I think you should include politics. Technology has changed the way we view and can see instantly (and hear from) our politicians. (Think Anthony Weaner)

  2. I just watched the video. I never noticed how many things the internet has replaced… but, the one good thing is that most of those things take up extra space… now it is all avalible at out fingertips.

    BTW, John, ur in Boy Scouts? Me to!! *Cyber High-five*

    Anyway, some things I think that internet will replace in the next 20 years is

    #1 Answering machines (stolen from John)
    #2 Phone lines in general.
    #3 TV
    #4 Mail… except for UPS and Fedex…

    Thats all I can think of…

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