View How Many Bookmarks You Have In Google Chrome


At some point in your life, you might get curious as to how many total bookmarks you have in your web browser. While if you have only a few pages saved you can just count them. If you’re overloaded with them, chances are you don’t want to spend time counting line upon line of saved pages. I use Google Chrome. I looked online to see if there was an easy trick, however by the looks of it there isn’t. Luckily I found a quick and (relatively easy) workaround that’ll get you your total in under a minute.

First thing is first. Go to Bookmark Manager in Chrome. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Type chrome://bookmarks in the URL bar and hit enter
  • Hit CTRL + SHIFT + O on your keyboard (Windows, I don’t know about other Operating Systems)
  • Wrench > Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager
Once you’re in the Bookmarks Manager, in the top left there’s a button that says “Organize”. Click it. Then click “Export bookmarks to HTML file…”.

Once you click that it’ll have you save an HTML file to your computer. I recommend saving it to your desktop, although it doesn’t really matter as long as you pay attention to where you saved it.

Once it’s saved, open that HTML file in Google Chrome. It’ll look something like this:

Now right click and view the page source.

Once you view the page source, hit CTRL + F and type in <DT><a href=”

However many times <DT><a href=” is listed in the document (57 for me) is how many bookmarks you have total.

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